Whalers Way, South Australia

IMG_0196 Finally Arrived to destination.  Here I am down in Port Lincoln chasing my dream and about to encounter a Great White.  I stayed 3 days in a hostel and looked for share houses or something cheaper since I am planning to spend at least 3 months here.  In Australia you can extend your working holiday Visa if you do Farm work for 3 months.  Fishing is also part of the farm work, so I came down here to find myself a job on the fishing boats.  The  Fishing industry is not so easy.  They always have to deal with weather conditions, and sometimes we did not catch any fishes.  I mean for me was okay, as long as I was doing my farm work and on the boats, I was happy.  But for a fisherman who gets paid commission on the fish they bring back, it could be difficult sometimes.

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IMG_0087Whalers Way is a fantastic place to visit not so far from Port Lincoln. Whalers Way has 14km of road with points of interest sign-posted, passess through a Sanctuary area, inhabited by kangaroos and emus. BBQ area at Groper Bay, camping by permit at Redbank or Groper Bay. Permits and keys available from the Visitor Centre.  You can even see Fur Seals all year round.  The panorama views are spectacular, I even visited a Blow Hole and I saw my first Kangaroo.  He was wild so did not approached me, I tried to run after him, but lost me after 30 seconds.  Whalers Way is definitely a place to see if you are around !!!

Port Douglas, Australia 2013

I arrived in Australia 2 months ago in a little town of north Queensland call Port Douglas. I am working here as a dive instructor on a daily boat to the Great Barrier Reef.

Accommodations in Port Douglas are very nice.  From hostel, share houses, camping and Hotels.  I was living in a very nice resort called Rendez-vous appartments.  We had 4 different pools, 4 tennis courts and a gym in the resort. My unit was really nice, built on 2 levels with two bedrooms as well as 2 toilets on every floor.  I could see the gym and the pool from my backyard with no other neighbours behind.   The town is very small, with a one street bars, shops and restaurants. The marina is very close from the main street.  The best way to go around town is with a Bicycle or simply walking.  There is an hourly bus to and from Cairns.  It cost between 35 to 45 AUD for one way.

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Port Douglas was very nice, but very small, it is been 6 months now, time to move on, I did not found my Eden yet.  Now moving To Port Lincoln for 3 months to chase one of my dream, to see a great white shark !!