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I come from the south shore of Montreal, a little town call Boucherville.  I was born on December 20th 1985, I left home 8 years ago with my backpack and a one way ticket to Mexico, and  I am still not back.  I discovered more than just the world. I always thought one day I’ll come and live a simple life but I never could.  I mean my life is much more simple now.  I do not fit in a big city or a 9 to 5 job with 2 hours of bus traffic before and after, staying around the same people and going out to the same places in the week-ends.   Before I started traveling I did not know in what to believe.  I had no ideas of what to expect from life.  The serious relationship stuff scared me so much with girls, I mean after having relationship with someone telling me that I was the love of her life, and suddenly after 3 weeks separation she already fall for another men and don’t even want to talk to me anymore, and this happened several times, I am sure it already happened to you too.  I am way too young for anything that serious and there is too many beautiful girls around the world to stay only with one.

I had  a good education and good parents, they always supported me no matter what.  Back home I was always unhappy and negative.  I did not had the will to follow a predestinated path that was in front of me.  I wanted to do things my way without someone telling me what is good or bad.  I think this is something you learn everyday, like my father always told me, we cannot learn something properly without experiencing it. So I took his advice seriously and decided to live my own experiences.

I knew I would fall but I always stood back up and went further.  Life is not easy it worth living it until the end because nobody knows when our time has come.  It’s scary but nice at the same time, it makes me want to live every second of my life like they are the last ones.  I have build my self through my experiences and I believe in what I see.  I dropped my degree in cinema back home before I left.

My MoneyI have started my online business 5 years ago.  I always kept a regular job where ever I traveled for more than a month and allowed myself a lot of time to work online.  Now I have the best situation happening, I make a lot of money online and I am doing my dream job since several years, teaching scuba diving in the most beautiful places of the world.  I can afford to go where I want when I want. Very Soon I am buying a nice house on the beach and a boat so I can go Fishing on the Great Barrier Reef whenever I want.

I have so many projects in mind, too many things are happening and I love it ! I have been working for 2 years on my Ebook, about how to start your online business, my story showing every step on how I did it, giving you all the necessary tools to succeed while you travel, from airlines to hotels, activities and clubs, A guide on 50 different jobs oversea with all Visa detail on different countries.  All the information about the diving industry you need to know to save money and time, how to get the best jobs in the industry,  and to go only to the best places in the world.  And more…

I can now speak 4 different languages, English, French, German and Spanish.  I have been all over Central America, Canada, United States, I stayed in Germany 3 months, Holland, France, Maldives, Africa, Cabo Verde, Thailand, Laos, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Egypt from north to south of the  Red Sea and All the nice things to see there, I am now in Australia, working as a dive instructor on the Great Barrier Reef since almost 2 years now. I love Australia and would not mind staying another 2 years, it is so close to French Polynesia, Asia, Micronesia, New Zealand, Tasmania and Fiji Islands and much closer to my dream of going for a trip to Antarctica with the penguins.

Since I am traveling I am filming everything I can, I took my camera with me around the world and now after 5 years I have decided to share my videos and photos with you guys. I hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I do making it.  If you have any questions on anything, or comments or ideas you can contact me anytime.




3 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi Charles, what a surprise to see you went to Thailand! No more egypt for you? I’m going to read your stories! Perhaps we Will meet in 2013 (we are planning a trip to Asia…). Cu!
    Ingrid (Ron also says hi)

  2. Man you look like your living life. im 16 and i feel exactly the way you felt. I also want to travel and discover the world but i dont know how to keep an income. What do you do?

  3. Sup dude,

    Yeah I am living the life and loving it. I was around your age when I already knew that I wanted to do something else in life then staying around my town. I did it and do not regret anything today. To answer to your question of how do I keep an income while traveling, I am preparing a very nice Ebook on this matter because so many people are asking my secrets and I will write everything in this book on how I did it but also several different options to do it with at least 50 different types of work available abroad and as well for sure how to launch your online business while traveling and see the profits after less then a month. It is going to cover everything you will need to know to success, I am putting every minute of my time on this book, It will be fantastic and I hope it will change many people life !!

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