Coming Soon : Eminem Australian Tour

eminemAfter releasing The Marshall Mather LP 2, Eminem announced his Australian tour with Kendrick Lamar.  He will perform on February 20th in Brisbane at the Suuncorp Stadium and on February 22th at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney.  I just can’t wait to see him !! Tickest cost from 100 AUD to 300 AUD.  I took the loose yourself zone for 300 so I can be very close.  In Australia, Eminem’s multi-platinum albums Recovery, Encore and The Eminem Show, and hit singles Without Me, Lose Yourself and Love The Way You Lie, are ranked on a biggest-ever sellers list in annual charts compiled by the Australian Recording Industry Association.

image1After the show Ill probably hit some nice clubs in Brisbane, let’s see where is Marshall Going ! I will enjoy the city and go to the Treasury Casino to play some Texas Holdem there.  I heard they have really good poker games with low and high stakes.  Can’t wait to go and play somewhere nice because Cairns Casino for Poker is the worst.  They have so many stupid rules that you will never have at a respectable Casino or Poker Room.

420metermaid-420x0Surfers Paradise is also on the trip, water slides, amusement park and will definitely go to the beach !  I have heard from many people in Australia that all the pretty girls are around Surfers Paradise.  The even put the money in the meter for you when you park your car !!  They also have a nice Casino there called the Jupiter’s Casino, I will probably stop by as well and see how is the game going there too.  I’ll for sure go clubbing and in the day time i’ll run on the beach to get some bikini shots !!  I can’t wait to go, follow me, it’s going to be an amazing trip !!


Great Barrier Reef, Cairns

One of Australia’s most remarkable natural gifts, the Great Barrier Reef is blessed with the breathtaking beauty of the world’s largest coral reef. The reef contains an abundance of marine life and comprises of over 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays

I have been working for a year in Cairns, diving everyday on the Great Barrier Reef.  We run day trips mainly to Flynn, Milan, Norman and Moore Reefs.  The diving around here is amazing.  All dives are done from 7 to 30 meters.

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I live on the north beaches 30 minutes away from cairns in a very nice unit 2 minutes walk from an amazing beach.  There are many golf courses in the area, so in my days off I play a lot.  I got to see Kangaroos every morning going to work !  I really love it here, everyone is so nice.  North Queensland is definitely one of the best places to live in the world. Here you can go rafting, sky diving, kite surfing, fly boarding, go karting, paintball, wake boarding, scuba diving and fishing within 30 minutes travel.

Cairns has a Tropical climate, with generally hot and humid Summers and milder dryer Winters.  The raining season is in summer between February to the end of April.


I went crabbing in Cowell for the first time ever, the experience was amazing.  It is not so easy to catch crabs, but if you have the right equipment and you know what you are doing it could be very easy.  Lucky me I was with the pro fisherman of the region ” Woofer. ”  The woof showed me many things and gave me a lot of secrets for success in fishing blue swimmers.

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Great White 2013

After many years of traveling, I finally arrived in Australia. The main reason I went to Australia was to encounter a Great white shark and as well to dive on the great barrier reef. Australia was a big relief for me, after the first week I could already feel this structure that i had in Canada, let’s just say, it feels good to be in a civilized country. I went directly down south in port Lincoln to dive with the great white and as well to try to get on a fishing boat to do my farm work to have a possibility of a second year working visa.

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Whalers Way, South Australia

IMG_0196 Finally Arrived to destination.  Here I am down in Port Lincoln chasing my dream and about to encounter a Great White.  I stayed 3 days in a hostel and looked for share houses or something cheaper since I am planning to spend at least 3 months here.  In Australia you can extend your working holiday Visa if you do Farm work for 3 months.  Fishing is also part of the farm work, so I came down here to find myself a job on the fishing boats.  The  Fishing industry is not so easy.  They always have to deal with weather conditions, and sometimes we did not catch any fishes.  I mean for me was okay, as long as I was doing my farm work and on the boats, I was happy.  But for a fisherman who gets paid commission on the fish they bring back, it could be difficult sometimes.

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IMG_0087Whalers Way is a fantastic place to visit not so far from Port Lincoln. Whalers Way has 14km of road with points of interest sign-posted, passess through a Sanctuary area, inhabited by kangaroos and emus. BBQ area at Groper Bay, camping by permit at Redbank or Groper Bay. Permits and keys available from the Visitor Centre.  You can even see Fur Seals all year round.  The panorama views are spectacular, I even visited a Blow Hole and I saw my first Kangaroo.  He was wild so did not approached me, I tried to run after him, but lost me after 30 seconds.  Whalers Way is definitely a place to see if you are around !!!

Port Douglas, Australia 2013

I arrived in Australia 2 months ago in a little town of north Queensland call Port Douglas. I am working here as a dive instructor on a daily boat to the Great Barrier Reef.

Accommodations in Port Douglas are very nice.  From hostel, share houses, camping and Hotels.  I was living in a very nice resort called Rendez-vous appartments.  We had 4 different pools, 4 tennis courts and a gym in the resort. My unit was really nice, built on 2 levels with two bedrooms as well as 2 toilets on every floor.  I could see the gym and the pool from my backyard with no other neighbours behind.   The town is very small, with a one street bars, shops and restaurants. The marina is very close from the main street.  The best way to go around town is with a Bicycle or simply walking.  There is an hourly bus to and from Cairns.  It cost between 35 to 45 AUD for one way.

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Port Douglas was very nice, but very small, it is been 6 months now, time to move on, I did not found my Eden yet.  Now moving To Port Lincoln for 3 months to chase one of my dream, to see a great white shark !!



I was living and working for the last 8 months on Koh Phangan, Thailand. Koh Phangan is well known for its Full Moon Party. People come from everywhere to attend this huge moon festival. In August was the busiest party of the whole year. More than 15 000 thousands people attended.  This Island is by far the best place I never lived.  There is everything needed !

Koh Phangan is a Dream Island for foreigners looking for a bit of both of the two world. Party on one side of the island and nature and quiet on the other. Houses are really cheap there and very practical. All furnished, kitchen, air-con, high-speed wi-fi, private terrace and garden, even if you get lucky and there is some available in Hin-Kong Resort or Lake view houses, you can even have a view on the ocean. Either a view on Koh Tao or Koh Samui. All of this for as lees as       10 000 baht ( 250 euros ) a month this is very cheap.

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The island have little restaurant, reggae bars, pubs, bungalows, golf training range, tattoo artists, Muay Thai schools and very good diving centers.

Scuba Diving in Koh Phangan has been very popular since a long time due to the famous site name Sail Rock. Sail Rock is categorized in many traveling guides, like one of the best diving spot in the Gulf of Thailand. You can see Bull Sharks, wich are always there, sometimes whale sharks comes around the rock to feed from the enormous quantity of plankton brought by the different currents streaming around. This dive guarantee a minimum of 100 000 fishes on the dive site, sometimes even more. At only an hour from Koh Phangan, 20 minutes with a speed boat, it makes a the perfect start for a day on Koh Phangan. You are back from the trip at around 14:30 and have the rest of the day to go to the beach or to ride around the island with a motorbike.

Party on the island is very nice.  Their is party for every taste of music, hip hop, trance, techno, black moon party, shiva moon, half moon, full moon, jungle party, waterfall party and many different pool party.  A must to go will be the coral bungalow pool party.  Don’t bring your phone, because you will probably end up in the pool with it.  There is a lot of nice girls, a very nice atmosphere and the pool is next to the beach. The beer is also very cheap.

I love Koh Phangan and I will miss this Island !!

Bali and Gili Islands, Indonesia

I just came back from vacations in Bali and Gili Islands. It was a wonderful holiday ! I first arrive at the airport and decided to head straight to Kuta Beach. On my way out of the airport, many taxi drivers were waiting for us, I paid 75 000Rp ( 7 u.s dollars ) to get to Kuta. Arrived in Kuta, I went walking around poppies line 1 and 2 to find a hotel and then I went straight to the beach to look at the surfers riding the waves. I rented a board to some local guys on the beach 3 $/hour and went in the waves. My last surfing session was in the Maldives 3 years ago, so it was difficult for me to get back on a surf board. I did the mistake of taking a short board for advance and never stood up on my board the first day ! Second I started with the very long board to get my balance back and there I was, surfing the waves of Kuta Beach on a fantastic morning!

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I rented a motorbike and went to Ubud to visit the Rice terraces. It took me 2 hours to get there. The route is not difficult but there is so many traffic, but the advantage with a motorbike, you can skip most of it. For the international driving license thing when driving a motorbike, it exists. They do ask you if they see you riding a motorbike and you are a foreigner. The funny thing, I asked a local and he told me that some of them don’t even have a driving license. Anyways, I got arrested one time by them, and I showed my Driving license from home but he did not accept it. After talking with him, trying to explain him that it was also an international license, he got tired and let me go. The police are checking the license only in Kuta Beach, because I never had any problems anywhere else.

After a couple of days, I met my friends from Koh Phangan in Legian.  We had so much fun in Seminyak, it becomes very interesting in the night time, solo artists singing in the bars and people dancing or relaxing on the beach.  The wind is fresh, people are so nice, I think till my travels, Balinese people are the best, always kind, laughing and helpful, they really enjoyed your company and this you can feel it.

Since a long time, I wanted to go to a water park,  but unfortunately for me, areas I live in don’t have those kind of thing.  They have a really cool water park in Kuta Beach call the   ” Waterbom ” They have nice rides, but nothing so scary except maybe the Climax.  We had a lot of fun in the slides and the pools.  We met many people from Australia, for them it is more than cheap to come in Bali for vacations.  Lucky people !!

Five days were left to my vacations, so I decided to go to the Gili Islands with my two friends from France.  We took a speed boat to get there and that is where the vacation really started.  Once you get there you can feel the island mode again, in Bali was nice but still, too crowded and noisy.  Gili Trawangan party and diving video coming soon !!

Check out the video of Gili Islands !!

Best Full Moon Party Koh Phangan !!

I went  on the 3rd of July to the full moon party on Koh Phangan. People come from all around the world to this unique event. The party is situated in Haad Rin Beach, South Koh Phangan. The entry cost 150 baht wich is really cheap. People are getting some nice ” Glow in the dark Tatoos.” The best thing for this party is to buy yourself a nice T-Shirt from there because one way or another you will have painting on you at the end of the night. Don’t sleep in your bed with it, because some hotels charge you 30 euros for a new set of sheets !!

Check out this nice video of the night !!

I was with my friend from Montreal.  We bought ourselves some pink shirts with nice full moon logos on them. We met so many girls and so sexy. We danced with them all night. It was really easy to lost my buddy since so many people were attending the party, but you finally meet back some where with different girls.

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This party goes until very late int he morning, and then there is an after party very close from the beach for those who wish to continue dancing… I prefer going back home with a nice girl those days but I still went there to see and people were half dead with huge eyes dancing.  The most popular bar is the cactus, located in the middle of the beach, it could be a good meeting point with your friends.

On our way back we found many people laying on the beach half conscious. Some people were also fucking each other at the end of the beach in the water, so remember to bring condoms with you because you never know what can happen. This party is crazy, I never seen something like this.If you like nice blond sexy girls from northern Europe or brunettes or what ever you dreamed of, this is for sure the best place to go.

World’s Famous Pool Party

Last night I went to a crazy pool party in Koh Phangan with my friend from Montreal.  The pool is at Coral Bungalows, entrance is free, beer is very cheap and everyone is very drunk and having a good time around or in the pool.  Girls are all in Bikinis, swimming and dancing  I did not had that many pool party like this in my life, it was insane.  Tonight another Pool Party before the Full Moon and Tomorrow We celebrate all night long on the beach for the Full Moon Party.  There is so many girls on this islands at the moment.  Last Full moon here it rained so let’s hope tomorrow not.

So many girls were there, we cruised around the pool making video and party with all of them, it was just incredible.  You want to know more about dating women click on the images below, check it out !!

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