Coming Soon : Eminem Australian Tour

eminemAfter releasing The Marshall Mather LP 2, Eminem announced his Australian tour with Kendrick Lamar.  He will perform on February 20th in Brisbane at the Suuncorp Stadium and on February 22th at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney.  I just can’t wait to see him !! Tickest cost from 100 AUD to 300 AUD.  I took the loose yourself zone for 300 so I can be very close.  In Australia, Eminem’s multi-platinum albums Recovery, Encore and The Eminem Show, and hit singles Without Me, Lose Yourself and Love The Way You Lie, are ranked on a biggest-ever sellers list in annual charts compiled by the Australian Recording Industry Association.

image1After the show Ill probably hit some nice clubs in Brisbane, let’s see where is Marshall Going ! I will enjoy the city and go to the Treasury Casino to play some Texas Holdem there.  I heard they have really good poker games with low and high stakes.  Can’t wait to go and play somewhere nice because Cairns Casino for Poker is the worst.  They have so many stupid rules that you will never have at a respectable Casino or Poker Room.

420metermaid-420x0Surfers Paradise is also on the trip, water slides, amusement park and will definitely go to the beach !  I have heard from many people in Australia that all the pretty girls are around Surfers Paradise.  The even put the money in the meter for you when you park your car !!  They also have a nice Casino there called the Jupiter’s Casino, I will probably stop by as well and see how is the game going there too.  I’ll for sure go clubbing and in the day time i’ll run on the beach to get some bikini shots !!  I can’t wait to go, follow me, it’s going to be an amazing trip !!


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