One of Australia’s most remarkable natural gifts, the Great Barrier Reef is blessed with the breathtaking beauty of the world’s largest coral reef. The reef contains an abundance of marine life and comprises of over 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays

I have been working for a year in Cairns, diving everyday on the Great Barrier Reef.  We run day trips mainly to Flynn, Milan, Norman and Moore Reefs.  The diving around here is amazing.  All dives are done from 7 to 30 meters.

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I live on the north beaches 30 minutes away from cairns in a very nice unit 2 minutes walk from an amazing beach.  There are many golf courses in the area, so in my days off I play a lot.  I got to see Kangaroos every morning going to work !  I really love it here, everyone is so nice.  North Queensland is definitely one of the best places to live in the world. Here you can go rafting, sky diving, kite surfing, fly boarding, go karting, paintball, wake boarding, scuba diving and fishing within 30 minutes travel.

Cairns has a Tropical climate, with generally hot and humid Summers and milder dryer Winters.  The raining season is in summer between February to the end of April.



I had the chance to dive the Agincourt Reef in Australia for 6 months.  I found myself a job as an instructor on the boats.  Everyday cruising on the Great Barrier to arrived on the outer edge of the continental shelf, where on one side it drops down to 300 meters and 40 meters in the inner reef. I saw so many things, pods of dolphins, plenty of White and Black tip Reef sharks, eagle rays, minke whale, humpback whale, Grey Whaler and some very nice leopard sharks.  I heard some stories about Tiger sharks being around Low Isles, a sand cay 10 nautical miles from Port Douglas,  but never really seen one.  But they are for sure around too !! Then comes all the beautiful corals and the macro life. The dive sites are very shallow as from the coast to the outer edge are only a maximum of 40 meters.  All dives are done from 7 to 30 meters.  Many dive operations are diving only with air and  are not carrying any Nitrox.  Most of the operations run day trips to the reef and brings you to 3 different sites and different reefs.

Check out my video of port douglas and the agincourt reef !!

Accommodations in Port Douglas are very nice.  From hostel, share houses, camping and Hotels.  I was living in a very nice resort called Rendez-vous appartments.  We had 4 different pools, 4 tennis courts and a gym in the resort. My unit was really nice, built on 2 levels with two bedrooms as well as 2 toilets on every floor.  I could see the gym and the pool from my backyard with no other neighbours behind.   The town is very small, with a one street bars, shops and restaurants. The marina is very close from the main street.  The best way to go around town is with a Bicycle or simply walking.  There is an hourly bus to and from Cairns.  It cost between 35 to 45 AUD for one way.

Port Douglas was very nice, but very small, it is been 6 months now, time to move on, I did not found my Eden yet.  Now moving To Port Lincoln for 3 months to chase one of my dream, to see a great white shark !!

Bali and Gili Islands, Indoneisa 2012

The islands are a popular destination for tourists looking for a remote island experience. Each island has several small resorts, usually consisting of a collection of huts for tourists, a small pool and restaurant. Automobiles and motorised traffic is prohibited on the islands by local ordinance, so the preferred method of transportation is by foot and bicycle. Diving in and around the Gilis is also popular due to the abundance of marine life and attractive coral formations.

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I have staid on Gili Trawagan for one week and it was just awesome.  I remembered me of Utila in Honduras, where I spent almost 2 years around.  The island has at least 12 different dive shops bringing diving and snorkeling around.  Be aware of the current, it sometimes can be very strong.  The dive boats are awesome and well suited for the need.  I’ve seen many turtles but not so many sharks !!  The water is crystal clear and the marine life is abundant !!  The only thing that very bothered me was the Mosque, 4 times a day calling all the prayers on the speakerphone to enter the temple and start praying.  The mosque is in town next to everything so when it is time to pray every one knows it !!



Scuba Diving in Koh Phangan has been very popular since a long time due to the famous site name Sail Rock. Sail Rock is categorized in many traveling guides, like one of the best diving spot in the Gulf of Thailand. You can see Bull Sharks, which are always there, sometimes whale sharks comes around the rock to feed from the enormous quantity of plankton brought by the different currents streaming around. This dive guarantee a minimum of 100 000 fishes on the dive site, sometimes even more. At only an hour from Koh Phangan, 20 minutes with a speed boat, it makes a the perfect start for a day on Koh Phangan. You are back from the trip at around 14:30 and have the rest of the day to go to the beach or to ride around the island with a motorbike.

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Koh Phangan is also very famous for it’s full moon party, every month, thousand of people are traveling to Koh Phangan to attend to this huge party on the beach.  Nobody on the island will run dive trips the next day since everyone partied till very late.  If you are planning on diving go and see my friend Jurgen at Fun Factory in Thong Sala.  His shop is located 2 minutes from the jetty where you arrive with the ferry.  Stop bye and say hi, and can also give you a good heads up on finding a place and organizing yourself if you are planning for a while or only for couple of days.

Egypt, Soma Bay

I worked 8 months south of the red sea, in Soma Bay for Orca Dive Club.  Orca is a very busy dive center deserving 5 hotels in the bay.  The Sheraton, the Kempinski, the Robinson, The Breakers and The Cascades and Golf Resort.  Soma Bay have been developed for tourism.  Kite surfing is also very popular in the bay due to the constant wind.  The bay is located 30 minutes north from Safaga, a town were all the staff were living.  I was living in a little apartment not very expensive.  It was nothing fancy but I had my internet, Air Con, Hot Water, and even a TV with cable. Internet in Egypt works with USB Sticks, the best if you are in Cairo or North is Mobinil, then more you go south, Etisalat or Vodafone.  Mobinil still works pretty good but for the fastest connection go with the 2 others for south.  I was downloading one to 2 movies per day with Mobinil, not so bad for the desert.

Check out my nice video from The Red Sea !!

Diving in Soma Bay was a very nice experience for me, the dive center was well equip with a Rebreather facility and high speed underwater scooters that can go 200 meters deep.  The corals are amazing, so many colors everywhere.  When the visibility is good, it is amazing the numbers of small creatures you can find and also big stuff, pods of dolphins, Oceanic White Tip sharks and hammerheads.  I have done my best underwater pictures there.  We had a very nice house reef of the jetty, we had to travel the 1 km jetty in a golf cart before jumping in the water.  Easy as this.  But of course the day trips were possible.  I suggest if you go in this area : Abbu Keffan, Panorama, Salem Express and Ras Abu soma.

What I really liked in Soma Bay was the golf course 5 minutes walk from the dive center.  Because I was working in the bay, I had the games for half price. On my free time, I could play golf, either at the driving range or on the court. One day, I went to play with a guy from France doing is Open Water Course with me.  His wife was doing Thalasso Therapy and he had nobody to play, so we played together a nine holes before the dive in the afternoon.  We took longer than planned to finish the game, the wind was so strong and against us most of the time.  My score was not very good but we had a lot of fun.

Apart from Working and sometimes golfing, there was not really much to do in the town.  Most of the time I was running along the coast listening my music and then going back home to prepare dinner and finish the day with a little movie.  Egypt is a really hot country, it never rains there, I think in 8 months it rained one time for 30 seconds only.  At the end my hairs became completely blond, no effect only the sun and the salt water transformed them.  I loved diving around Soma Bay, I miss the dolphins and the sharks and also the incredible house reef where you never know what can appear from the blue.

Check out my underwater pictures from Egypt !




Nice Diving Around Addu Atoll.  Addu is the last Atoll south of the Maldives.  Located near the equator, sometimes diving south or north from the equator, I was very lucky to could have dive there.  The Shangri-La Hotel is a Fantastic hotel, perhaps it cost 1200 $ for a night and breakfast.  Diving was beautiful, every dive something nice appeared or only the coral reef was stunning.  In the middle of the Atoll we find at 25 meters a cleaning station where the Mantas are coming to get clean by the cleaning fish.  The pull up a line and just wait the little fish goes under them.  Nice one to see.  Sometimes though, we had a lot of current, but no problems, once there we’ve hooked us on the reef and just without doing anything admiring the spectacle in front of us.

Check out a video I have made of the diving there !!

Diving was amazing down south.  We also dove on a old British Oil Tanker, torpedoed at the end of the world war 2.  The wreck was 150 meters long and 35 meters deep.  You can also dive trough the big hole the torpedo created by sinking this ship.

Wreck Diving Video !!

I like the Maldives a lot, the water is so warm all the time.  Good chances to spot something nice on every dive, Whale sharks, Manta Rays, White and Black tip Shark, Dolphins, turtles.  The Maldives are islands made of coral so on this side you will be serve.

This video has been made in 2009 since then never went back. I hope one day I will.  Here is some pictures of the hotel but also where i lived.  I was sleeping on another side of the atoll so every morning I had to take the little boat to bring me at the job.  That was my moment in the traffic.  The wind was slowing us down but nothing else bothered me.  Those mornings going to work where awesome, perfect to start the day with.

Shangri-La is a very nice resort, very expensive, there was the presidential suite, with everything in it and cost 20 000 $ a night, I mean this is crazy, paying 20 000 just for one night with nothing included.  Food was also very special, guests were making their food order for their vacations and the resort was shopping all around the world to get the right food regarding the need of the customers.  They even downloaded the music of the guests so on their arrival they could just turn the music on the Ipod of the room. How could people spend that much money in just a week, this is insane.  Sometimes with all included plus the 10.6 % Service Charge, Cost of the Food + Alcohol + Activities for 2 people could go up to 25 000 $ !!  I will never spend this amount of money in a week to stay drinking alcohol in a jaccuzi.  I can go around the world easily with this amount of money in like 10 months.

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