I was in Paris with some friends, I met very nice people, very kind and fun, they offered me to stay with them, very welcoming I should say.  I went all around the city, Paris was a dream for me, such a big history around.  I was a bit shocked tho, I thought everyone was walking around with the french bred under the arm and the little hat on the head, but things have change, now many different communities lives in Paris, and it is such a busy city, football fans are everywhere, wine is very good, food as well, many little restaurant on the streets, the lifestyle is awesome, reading books under the Eiffel tower, meeting with some friends in nice little bars, singing, dancing, visiting the city is so interesting but also very long.  The Metro is the best solution to navigate in the city since it goes pretty much everywhere.  Everyone is very welcoming, learn some french words and they will love it.  French people does not really speaks English, but the new generation is a little bit better on this matter.  Sometimes just signs are enough.  Luckily my mother language is French so it was easy for me, but still every time I spoke, everyone laughed of my accent since it is so different then theirs.  I Love French people, Vive La france !!  ALLEZ LES BLEUS

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The most beautiful things are the museum and the monuments, Les champs Élysés with the Triumph Arc and all the nice clubs and stores on the streets makes it wonderful at night and in day time.