I went in Laos Vang Vieng January 2012.  I planned on staying there only a couple of days but finally end up staying for 2 weeks. This place is just amazing on every aspect, Nature, Party, Girls, Activities, Hiking, Caving, Tubing, Relaxing, Eating.  SABADEE is what you ear the most from the locals, wich is their way of saying HI, I must say it sounds good to ear all the time you meet with them.  I found Laos charming and the people very welcoming and helpful with the tourist.  I mean this little community have been invade by crazy tourist devastating everything around.  I should say, they have adapted their own party life style as well wich makes a beautiful harmony between everyone.  I just love this country, I will go back anytime.  The place is far away, and on the way to go, you really feel like you are going to a secret Eden or something.  After all the stories I had ear about this place…. It is confirmed, everything is a true paradise.

Check out my video on the tubing !!

Landscapes are amazing, animals are part of the community as well, they walk free everywhere they want the whole day and the night they all go back home to sleep.


The south of the Gulf off Thailand is beautiful.  They did the movie the beach in this area.  The famous beach is from Koh Phi Phi and the rest of the movie have been filmed all around, Koh Chang, Phuket and Bangkok.  I went many times on Phi Phi island and I love this island.  The fact that no cars or scooters are allowed on the island is amazing.  Everyone walk or use a bicycle to get around.  No crazy sound to wake you up badly in the morning.  Party every night on the beach and in the little bars.  There is even a place you can jump on the ring and fight your opponent for a bucket of spirit.

Check out this nice video I made from the Beach !!

I met 3 guys from India on the ferry to Koh Phi Phi, they never been diving so I brought them in a dive school, and we all went diving.  I was their instructor, everything went really well.  For people who are not always in the water, they were pretty good and confident. Then we went on a journey to the Famous Beach and just before we stopped for cliffs jumping.  It was really high, and on the same island a little further we could find little monkeys living there, waiting for tourists to bring them food.

Once we stepped on the beach, I felt so much more relax, it was a dream for me to go there one day, and I accomplished it right there.  We decided to go later than every one else, to make it more special but especially to make sure we are the only ones are almost they only ones on the beach.  Because in the day time, it become so crowded, I suggest if you want to go leave the harbor at 15:00 go cliff jumping until 16:00 and then got o the beach, by this time tourists will be back on the island.

There is also a second way to enter the beach, the Classical one, from the front where everyone is, but there is also the back entry.  It is a little bit more adventurous, you have to jump in the water from your boat, then swim to the ladder, climb and pass through a small jungle to arrive right on ‘The Beach’.  This way could be more fun if you like the adventure.