I went in Laos Vang Vieng January 2012.  I planned on staying there only a couple of days but finally end up staying for 2 weeks. This place is just amazing on every aspect, Nature, Party, Girls, Activities, Hiking, Caving, Tubing, Relaxing, Eating.  SABADEE is what you ear the most from the locals, wich is their way of saying HI, I must say it sounds good to ear all the time you meet with them.  I found Laos charming and the people very welcoming and helpful with the tourist.  I mean this little community have been invade by crazy tourist devastating everything around.  I should say, they have adapted their own party life style as well wich makes a beautiful harmony between everyone.  I just love this country, I will go back anytime.  The place is far away, and on the way to go, you really feel like you are going to a secret Eden or something.  After all the stories I had ear about this place…. It is confirmed, everything is a true paradise.

Check out my video on the tubing !!

Landscapes are amazing, animals are part of the community as well, they walk free everywhere they want the whole day and the night they all go back home to sleep.