MBK Shopping center is selling counterfeit, certain shops are selling proper real material.  When they sell fake to you the price should also be lower than the normal one, if not you just need to bargain a little bit more and they will drop it.  I went in the Spy Discovery shop on the 4th floor and saw those new Beats headphones by Dr.Dre.  They where in the original box, but the plastic cover was opened, so I tried to look in the box, but the salesman told me not to, and that he will give me another headphones set to try them.  I tried to speak with him and asked him to give me explanations and when I started filming his headphones he pushed me and then tried to hit me.  I fight back and then went out of the store and gave the camera to my friend for a better angle in the movie and came back in the store to kick his ass.  I mean you don’t hit a customer because he is filming something in your shop !!!!!

Check out this movie, Crazy Thailand !

The MBK Center is on the other hand very useful when you need basic things or even things for your computer, they sell everything  there, and there is also an awesome cinema on the last floor, the place is so big you can spend the whole day there and have a lot of fun shopping.  To get to MBK, The Skytrain is the fastest way.  The Skytrain is an elevated monorail system which transports visitors high above Bangkok’s streets. The BTS is safe, modern, comfortable and fully air-conditioned. The nearest stop is the National Stadium Station, which is connected to the MBK by elevated walkways, you can also get off at the Siam Square stop, which is a 5-minute walk away from MBK.