Muay Thai Camp 2012 !!

Recently I went in Pattaya and did some Muay Thai and Krav Maga for 3 weeks. I did not really know what to expect from my training except that I will have to work hard if I want to get into a real fight. The gym was great, everyone came from different places around the world. Many were from Italiy and Russia. Those 2 countries have many good Muay Thai fighters. During my stay I met people who were to the camp to loss weight, so the gym was controlling the food for them and the had to train very hard.

The schedule is warming up around 8 a.m and 8:30 the training starts with some bags, skipping rope, dumbbells, push-up, shadow boxing, till the trainers call you, then you got to work on your technique in the ring with pads and gloves. For me this one on one training was the best,you really can work on the precision and the power of your punches. Then you work in a group, learning different techniques in buddy teams until And then the morning training was over, rest was coming for us, but for the loose weight program they had to do an hour of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Then between 11:30 and 2:30 we could go to the restaurant to eat. The Training includes food and the lodge, so you can concentrate more on the camp.

Check out my training video !!


Then the evening training started at 18:00 warming up, 18:30 in the gym and training. Self training, then technique on the ring with a trainer, followed by a group training and then for those who wants to do some sparring can try each other. I did it 3 times, first time against a Russian guy, Igor. He was training there since 10 months and was very quick. Good thing it was sparring !! It all finished around 20:45 and then it was the Krav Maga lessons until 22:00 p.m.  Let’s say my first nights it was not difficult for me to fall asleep after all this training.

My second time was with The World Champion from Russia Denis Varaxa. I was trying many ways to approach him with a punch but impossible. He just played with me the whole time, and I could never hit him. Thanks to me, he gave me a chance and I brought him on the ground with a non solid punch. Thanks for this camera effect, works good. Denis is a great guy, he spoke Russian and a little bit of english, so Alexandra from Bella Russia was translating for us. He his a very serious athlete. Denis is a fighter since he is 12 years old. Started as a Kick Boxer and Muay Thai Fighter, he has over 100 fights and won 70 from all of them. Recently he had a fight with Samkor the champion of Thailand and he won in his category.

Muay Thai fighters are very strong and powerful.  The style of martial art is very interesting, you can hit with pretty everything, elbows, knees, punches, kicks.  The first week was very difficult to eat only what the give to me for my training.  I would have need more food, only because I was burning more calories in one day then usually in a week.

Simbad was the guard of the gym, a big Pitbull.  He his now the father of 4 other big Pit Bull.  In total there is around 6 Pitbull, but only 2 walk free in the gym.  Simbad have this way of always stealing your socks and walk around the gym with them in his mouth or a empty bottle of water.  He his always happy and when he see something he don’t like, he can be very agressive.  He was a strange funny dog.

In between training we could go to the pool or at the beach.  Walking Street is a fun place and it distracts  you just like you need. This is  a very good place to see nice girls dancing, also at night there is many night clubs in Pattaya on Walking Street.  I was there to train but still had great party with the people from the gym in the clubs.  Walking street is well know for their girls.  Sexy Girls dance all nights for men or women.  They play drinking games with you.   The street is packed of bars and clubs, women are everywhere on the street, some places break dance show on the street next to a soccer show, let’s say going down this street is very entertaining. Thai girls are beautiful and good company, some of them speak a very good English, some of them had a boyfriend from somewhere so they speak a little of every languages.  After all of this training you deserve a break I think, this is not easy but it feels good and I will do it again very soon here on Koh Phangan.