Best Full Moon Party Koh Phangan !!

I went  on the 3rd of July to the full moon party on Koh Phangan. People come from all around the world to this unique event. The party is situated in Haad Rin Beach, South Koh Phangan. The entry cost 150 baht wich is really cheap. People are getting some nice ” Glow in the dark Tatoos.” The best thing for this party is to buy yourself a nice T-Shirt from there because one way or another you will have painting on you at the end of the night. Don’t sleep in your bed with it, because some hotels charge you 30 euros for a new set of sheets !!

Check out this nice video of the night !!

I was with my friend from Montreal.  We bought ourselves some pink shirts with nice full moon logos on them. We met so many girls and so sexy. We danced with them all night. It was really easy to lost my buddy since so many people were attending the party, but you finally meet back some where with different girls.

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This party goes until very late int he morning, and then there is an after party very close from the beach for those who wish to continue dancing… I prefer going back home with a nice girl those days but I still went there to see and people were half dead with huge eyes dancing.  The most popular bar is the cactus, located in the middle of the beach, it could be a good meeting point with your friends.

On our way back we found many people laying on the beach half conscious. Some people were also fucking each other at the end of the beach in the water, so remember to bring condoms with you because you never know what can happen. This party is crazy, I never seen something like this.If you like nice blond sexy girls from northern Europe or brunettes or what ever you dreamed of, this is for sure the best place to go.

World’s Famous Pool Party

Last night I went to a crazy pool party in Koh Phangan with my friend from Montreal.  The pool is at Coral Bungalows, entrance is free, beer is very cheap and everyone is very drunk and having a good time around or in the pool.  Girls are all in Bikinis, swimming and dancing  I did not had that many pool party like this in my life, it was insane.  Tonight another Pool Party before the Full Moon and Tomorrow We celebrate all night long on the beach for the Full Moon Party.  There is so many girls on this islands at the moment.  Last Full moon here it rained so let’s hope tomorrow not.

So many girls were there, we cruised around the pool making video and party with all of them, it was just incredible.  You want to know more about dating women click on the images below, check it out !!

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Check my Movie, uploaded yesterday after awesome pool party !



MBK Shopping center is selling counterfeit, certain shops are selling proper real material.  When they sell fake to you the price should also be lower than the normal one, if not you just need to bargain a little bit more and they will drop it.  I went in the Spy Discovery shop on the 4th floor and saw those new Beats headphones by Dr.Dre.  They where in the original box, but the plastic cover was opened, so I tried to look in the box, but the salesman told me not to, and that he will give me another headphones set to try them.  I tried to speak with him and asked him to give me explanations and when I started filming his headphones he pushed me and then tried to hit me.  I fight back and then went out of the store and gave the camera to my friend for a better angle in the movie and came back in the store to kick his ass.  I mean you don’t hit a customer because he is filming something in your shop !!!!!

Check out this movie, Crazy Thailand !

The MBK Center is on the other hand very useful when you need basic things or even things for your computer, they sell everything  there, and there is also an awesome cinema on the last floor, the place is so big you can spend the whole day there and have a lot of fun shopping.  To get to MBK, The Skytrain is the fastest way.  The Skytrain is an elevated monorail system which transports visitors high above Bangkok’s streets. The BTS is safe, modern, comfortable and fully air-conditioned. The nearest stop is the National Stadium Station, which is connected to the MBK by elevated walkways, you can also get off at the Siam Square stop, which is a 5-minute walk away from MBK.


The south of the Gulf off Thailand is beautiful.  They did the movie the beach in this area.  The famous beach is from Koh Phi Phi and the rest of the movie have been filmed all around, Koh Chang, Phuket and Bangkok.  I went many times on Phi Phi island and I love this island.  The fact that no cars or scooters are allowed on the island is amazing.  Everyone walk or use a bicycle to get around.  No crazy sound to wake you up badly in the morning.  Party every night on the beach and in the little bars.  There is even a place you can jump on the ring and fight your opponent for a bucket of spirit.

Check out this nice video I made from the Beach !!

I met 3 guys from India on the ferry to Koh Phi Phi, they never been diving so I brought them in a dive school, and we all went diving.  I was their instructor, everything went really well.  For people who are not always in the water, they were pretty good and confident. Then we went on a journey to the Famous Beach and just before we stopped for cliffs jumping.  It was really high, and on the same island a little further we could find little monkeys living there, waiting for tourists to bring them food.

Once we stepped on the beach, I felt so much more relax, it was a dream for me to go there one day, and I accomplished it right there.  We decided to go later than every one else, to make it more special but especially to make sure we are the only ones are almost they only ones on the beach.  Because in the day time, it become so crowded, I suggest if you want to go leave the harbor at 15:00 go cliff jumping until 16:00 and then got o the beach, by this time tourists will be back on the island.

There is also a second way to enter the beach, the Classical one, from the front where everyone is, but there is also the back entry.  It is a little bit more adventurous, you have to jump in the water from your boat, then swim to the ladder, climb and pass through a small jungle to arrive right on ‘The Beach’.  This way could be more fun if you like the adventure.

The Grand Palace And The Temple of The Emerald Buddha – Bangkok, Thailand

I just came back from the Grand Palace and The Emerald Buddha Temple in Bangkok, the journey was fantastic ! To get there I took the Sky Train to the boat terminal, located near the Saphan Taksin station.  It is easier this way then to hassle with a Taxi to get there believe me, the BTS is the best thing ever invented in Bangkok. I went down at Saphan Taksin and cross the street to enter the boat terminal. I traveled to the Grand Palace by Chao Phraya Express Boat. I purchased a ticket at the boat terminal. I bought a round-trip ticket in advance to save troubles on the return.  I Boarded the Chao Phraya Express Boat at the boat terminal until  Tha Chang, stop number 9 but from stop number 8 ( Tha Tien ) is also possible to reach the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Check out the video I just Made !!

The water taxi fare is collected by a woman shaking a container of coins. Depending on which type of water taxi you’ve boarded and where you boarded, the fare will be in the 14-25 baht range. Then I went out of the boat and walked in direction of the temple. A little advice, do not buy tickets before the entrance or do not listen what people are telling you, I heard sometimes, the Palace is closed, but they proposed me to go visit some other What with them.  No the Palace is open 365 days per year, so keep walking !

There is a dress code for entering this complex: no shorts, no tank tops or sleeveless tops, no flip flops. You are asked to dress respectfully and behave respectfully here. This is both the holiest site in all of Thailand as it is the shrine of the Emerald Buddha, and it is the site most associated with the King of Thailand, the world’s longest reigning monarch and beloved by the Thai people.

If you do not have proper clothes, they will give you some for the visit, they do not look good as you can see in my video or on my pictures but at least you don’t have to travel the whole day under the sun with long clothes.

Tickets costs 200 baht for one person and are sold between 8:30-15:30.  You can either do the visit with a guide or by yourself.  The buildings and temples are amazing, but also the the paintings on the wall are incredible.  They show the history of the temple.  If you ever go to Bangkok, I suggest you stop by the Palace to learn more about Thai Culture and its origins. It  was built in 1782 and features several magnificent buildings.  Now Thailand is still using the Grand Palace for important ceremonies with the King of Thailand.  Many Monks live around the Palace and it is one of the most visited destination in Bangkok.

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