The Grand Palace And The Temple of The Emerald Buddha – Bangkok, Thailand

I just came back from the Grand Palace and The Emerald Buddha Temple in Bangkok, the journey was fantastic ! To get there I took the Sky Train to the boat terminal, located near the Saphan Taksin station.  It is easier this way then to hassle with a Taxi to get there believe me, the BTS is the best thing ever invented in Bangkok. I went down at Saphan Taksin and cross the street to enter the boat terminal. I traveled to the Grand Palace by Chao Phraya Express Boat. I purchased a ticket at the boat terminal. I bought a round-trip ticket in advance to save troubles on the return.  I Boarded the Chao Phraya Express Boat at the boat terminal until  Tha Chang, stop number 9 but from stop number 8 ( Tha Tien ) is also possible to reach the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

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The water taxi fare is collected by a woman shaking a container of coins. Depending on which type of water taxi you’ve boarded and where you boarded, the fare will be in the 14-25 baht range. Then I went out of the boat and walked in direction of the temple. A little advice, do not buy tickets before the entrance or do not listen what people are telling you, I heard sometimes, the Palace is closed, but they proposed me to go visit some other What with them.  No the Palace is open 365 days per year, so keep walking !

There is a dress code for entering this complex: no shorts, no tank tops or sleeveless tops, no flip flops. You are asked to dress respectfully and behave respectfully here. This is both the holiest site in all of Thailand as it is the shrine of the Emerald Buddha, and it is the site most associated with the King of Thailand, the world’s longest reigning monarch and beloved by the Thai people.

If you do not have proper clothes, they will give you some for the visit, they do not look good as you can see in my video or on my pictures but at least you don’t have to travel the whole day under the sun with long clothes.

Tickets costs 200 baht for one person and are sold between 8:30-15:30.  You can either do the visit with a guide or by yourself.  The buildings and temples are amazing, but also the the paintings on the wall are incredible.  They show the history of the temple.  If you ever go to Bangkok, I suggest you stop by the Palace to learn more about Thai Culture and its origins. It  was built in 1782 and features several magnificent buildings.  Now Thailand is still using the Grand Palace for important ceremonies with the King of Thailand.  Many Monks live around the Palace and it is one of the most visited destination in Bangkok.

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